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Adele Wolstenhulme Dip cPNI. FdSc. DipION. BA (Hons). AFMCP. CNHC


Adele is a practicing clinical Psycho-neuro-immunologist (PNI), nutrition consultant and Metabolic Balance coach.


'Profit From Your Health' is a team of experienced health professionals working one-to-one with individuals and as consultants to companies.


In companies, Adele focuses on building a ‘health conscience’ within teams, and helps to create health-conscious businesses where corporate and social responsibility is fundamental.


Adele has special expertise in travel wellness, given her early career in aviation and international travel-retail.


With a keen interest in ‘brain fitness’, Adele’s clinical practice uses PNI to educate clients about how at odds modern living is with our physiology, as seen through the lens of human evolution.


Adele holds private practice clinics in Central London and Brighton.