Mission statement

"My objective is to help people transform their lives and live healthier through personalised preventive wellbeing-focused medicine that aims to optimise health, slow down premature ageing and  stabilise/reverse chronic conditions and improve quality of life."


Tri-partite Vision


These predictors in blood and urine can indicate problems years before people become unwell. Keeping them at optimal values will create healthy environment that can lead to healing and disease prevention.



Wellbeing Medicine focuses on prevention, early detection and  reversal of chronic diseases.  

Dr Batty uses functional medicine and lifestyle and nutritional interventions, in addition to conventional medicine.


Education and empowerment of  patients to become their own health advocates.

Conferences and Retreats to help educate and enlighten for healthier lifestyles.

Wellbeing Medicine


"Wellbeing Medicine has at its core the paradigm shift from delayed interventional to predictive medicine tailored to the person with their individual needs, from reactive to preventive medicine and from disease to wellness and wellbeing.


Preventive Personalised Medicine is the new integrative concept that enables to predict individual predisposition before onset of the disease, to provide targeted preventive measures and create personalised treatment algorithms tailored to the person.


Wellbeing Medicine focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes of the disease and it views the body as one integrated system and applies lifestyle strategies such as exercise, sleep, stress management and nutrition."

Dr Lucia Batty 

Registered office:

71 Shelton St, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9BP

Registered Number: 11501572

Email:  info@wellbeingmedicine.co.uk

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