Predictive Biomarkers

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"                                                         Benjamin Franklin



If you could find out if your health is being affected before you feel unwell or get diagnosed, wouldn't you like to know and identify 'what's brewing?'

Prevention is about stopping people at risk suffering the actual disease. Wellbeing Medicine focuses on proactive prevention, also by evaluating individual predictive biomarkers and functional age.


The role  of genetics in development of disease is limited to about 10%, whilst epigenetic (our lifestyle and nutritional choices) can determine how our genes express and influence our health. The following predictive biomarkers more or less cover 90% of lifetime health risks (epigenetic).


Predictive biomarkers not only measure body functions (in blood and urine), but they also predict development of future health problems  in many body systems. They act as early warning signs, giving us an opportunity to optimise our health and all supportive mechanisms, failure of which can lead to chronic illnesses and even cancer.

If you want to stay healthy and prevent disease, you cannot rely on standard medical testing, as it is designed to identify disease.


These early indicators enable us to look deeper to obtain a more accurate individual biochemical picture.  This assist us to provide  a personalised plan for health - creating a new, healthy environment that can lead to healing.


By bringing the predictive biomarkers to, and keeping them at, optimal goal values, rather than within large statistical intervals, you can "add years to life and life to years(Dr R Jaffe).


You can move from a state of poor health to a state of optimal health. Take the first step to improve your life by completing the form below:

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