Multiscan Pro

Non-invasive, innovative health and wellness screening tool.

It provides a comprehensive assessment of functional health status and lifestyle. It measures and analyses physiology and provides insights into multiple body systems for immediate action.


This advanced technology helps practitioners to focus on prevention, monitor treatment plans and guide appropriate referrals, as well as direct wellness interventions for optimal health.

Scientific Background


The Multiscan Pro system is a combination of four different technologies with different applications and a signal analysis, which enables clinicians to obtain a physical, detailed analysis of the body.


The measurement is done by means of 6 electrodes and a probe in which the following functions are incorporated; the pulse oximeter (SpO2) sensor, photo electric pltehysmograph sensor (PP sensor) and a heart rate variability sensor (HRV sensor).

The Multiscan Pro system is a computerised medical system that allows clinicians to create images, charts and customised graphical images of the patient.


The Multiscan Pro provides valuable information about the organism, with indications of your functional health status. These indicators form a stable reference for monitoring and assessing the evolution of a particular therapy. The results and information provided are highly reliable.


The Multiscan Pro system includes the IM system, a tetra polar BIA, an ECG (heart rate variability) and pulse oximeter.

  • Multiscan PRO is a medical device that takes 6 minutes to run a scanning programme on an individual

  • Multiscan BC-OXI and MS FIT are more suitable for health and fitness professionals.

  • MS FIT is a touch screen kiosk for integrated assessment of a person’s fitness indicators with the opportunity to develop detailed recommendations for an individual fitness programme.

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  • Body composition & 3D modelling (fat mass, BMI, muscular mass, extra cellular water, interstitial cellular water)

  • Heart rate variability, vascular age & VO2max

  • Autonomic nervous system (sympathetic & parasympathetic system activity)

  • Metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance

  • Neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine, GABA, noradrenalin)

  • Microcirculation (colour coded)

  • Vertebral spine 3D modeling (neuromuscular disorders colour coded)

  • Lymphatic system & drainage

  • Digital pulse wave analysis and hemodynamics

  • Pulse oximetry (cardio-respiratory status)

  • Oxidative stress (marker of cellular ageing)

  • Medical screening analyser including cardio, physiological & lifestyle scores

  • 3D visual avatar of patient living tissue and organs

  • Galvanic skin response

  • Nutrition adviser

  • Monitoring improvements following fitness & sport interventions

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Utilising Four Techniques


Bio-impedance analysis

This uses an electrical current that conducts through water in your body (to calculate tissue fluid levels). 
It is a widely used technique to estimate body composition by measuring body fat mass, free fat mass and extra-cellular water – an indirect marker of inflammation. 


Galvanic skin response
Measures electrodermal activity i.e. changes in electrical properties of the skin in response to stress or anxiety (using the sweat glands). This tool has excellent repeatability and provides insights into how the autonomic nervous system is functioning – especially the peripheral sympathetic system, to evaluate  the response to stress and individual resilience to stressors. This is very important when considering stress impact on all body organs and systems. 


Heart Rate Variability
Using this measure we can assess autonomic nervous system fluctuations in healthy individuals and patients with various cardiovascular (CVD) and non-CVD disorders. 

Pulse Wave Analysis 

Measures arterial stiffness and allows accurate recording of peripheral pressure waveforms within the arteries. 


  • USB connectable box

  • Digital USB connectable Pulse oximeter

  • Tetra polar stainless steel plates for the feet

  • Tetra polar stainless steel plates for the hands

  • 4-lead Multiscan cables for the hands

  • 4-lead Multiscan cables for the feet  

  • 4-lead Multiscan cables for the head

  • Automatic blood pressure USB connectable (optionally)

  • USB cable

  • Multiscan PRO Software x 2 licenses

  • Transport bag

  • Stand with integrated hand/foot sensors*

  • Parameters depend on the equipment configuration


Scanning Clinics and Lead Practitioners

Our clinics are located in Central London, Dorset and Sussex, with further UK locations coming in 2020. Consultations are also available remotely through telemedicine. Dr Lucia and Adele deliver and oversee the scanning clinics. These are operated by a group of experienced medical, nutritional and functional medicine practitioners, as well as specially trained technicians.


Levels of consultations

1 Scan with basic insights                                   


2 Follow up consultation with PNI/NT specialist (Diet and Lifestyle)


3 Follow-up with a medical consultant/Functional Medicine practitioner (Symptoms and Disease follow-up)

Lead practitioners:




















Adele Wolstenhulme Dip cPNI. FdSc. DipION. BA (Hons). AFMCP. CNHC



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Certified equipment
All equipment has passed the necessary tests and certification process and has repeatedly proved its high efficiency with our partners.

The quality of the equipment is confirmed by international CE and ISO medical device certification:



Multiscan BC CE Certificate Ref. Numbers: OSE-15-0412/01 and OSE-15-0412/02
Pulse Oximeter: EC Certificate Ref Number: G1 13 07 74184 004
ISO 13485 for accessories: Ref Number: Q1N 13 06 74184 003