With almost 25 years experience in clinical medicine, Dr Batty began to integrate principles of functional and lifestyle medicine to enrich her overall patient care. This was in response to her patients who expressed  a desire to become more proactive in their care, rather than passively taking medications for their symptoms.

Traditional medicine manages diseases by suppressing symptoms.  Misunderstood, troubling symptoms and chronic illnesses negatively affect  quality of life and wellbeing. People tend to be put on life-long painkillers and immuno-suppressing therapy, often with non-neglectable side effects. 

The established approach is the start point of treating chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, autoimmune conditions and cancer after the onset of the disease, and often at their later stages. These conditions take many years, even decades to develop. During this time, patients are often advised that their basic blood tests are normal and to slow down and look after themselves.   

However, with  a proactive and opportunistic approach to first warning signs and symptoms, curiosity to explore important early clues and  access to specialised  laboratories, the situation can be very different.


Since many chronic diseases begin in ,or are related, to the gut, Dr Batty focuses on comprehensive functional and nutritional approaches to gastrointestinal dysfunctions and health problems. These include inflammatory bowel disease, gluten sensitivity and coeliac disease, increased intestinal permeability, dysbiosis and other digestive disorders. 



Wellbeing Medicine?

Wellbeing Medicine provides proactive, preventive, personalised medical services.

Dr Batty's passion is to help people optimise their health, reduce accelerated ageing and make right nutritional and lifestyle choices: not to live longer and in poor health, but to live a rich and fulfilling life.