Metabolic Balance

The award-winning weight management programme, designed to naturally regulate body weight, strengthen metabolism and reduce inflammation. 

Dr Lucia Batty FRCP FFOM AFMCP DipIBLM is a certified UK Metabolic Balance® Practitioner, who will coach you through this individualised, medically and scientifically founded nutrition concept. It's designed to improve vitality, health and fitness.


Metabolic Balance® is the accumulation of 25 years of academic research and development. The programme has been developed by a team of doctors, nutritionists and IT programming specialists.

Apart from weight loss (or weight gain) goals, the most important factor is the evidence that it considerably reduces inflammation in the body. Inflammation is at the heart of many chronic diseases and autoimmune conditions. 


Weight gain and subsequent health problems are due to so called 'insulin resistance'. Insulin, which is released from the pancreas in response to food, stores glucose from the bloodstream into cells. The body then converts glucose into glycogen. However, the body has only limited capacity to store it, so the rest of the glucose is then stored as fat. This fat is typically stored around the middle of the body - around the internal organs. Continuous exposure to high levels of insulin, due to disproportionate intake of refined carbohydrates and sugar, leads to its inefficiency and the tissues become resistant to its function.


The belly fat makes hormones and substances that contribute to chronic inflammation, insulin resistance, Type 2 Diabetes and cardiovascular disease, among others.


Metabolic Balance® is designed to balance blood chemistry and hormones and get the body back into balance. It is a whole food/natural food-based programme for weight management, restoring balance, enhancing energy, preventing ill-health and also contributing to beautiful skin.


Following an initial clinical history review,  individual measurements and blood tests are taken for analysis. Biochemistry and hormone results are vital for the assessment of the metabolic status, which forms the basis for the personalised nutritional  and lifestyle intervention. 


This innovative programme is approximately three months long and consists of four phases, supported through seven coaching sessions: 


Phase 1:  Two day preparation to prime the body for its new regime

Phase 2:  14 days minimum, of a structured nutritional input to replenish the missing nutrients and restoring vitality

Phase 3:  Approximately two and a half months to find rhythms, acquire new knowledge about individual needs and reach the goal


Phase 4:  Live an ideal lifestyle with all the tools, knowledge and accomplishments of Metabolic Balance®

In practice, the programme requires starting each meal with a few bites of protein, eating only one protein at each meal to preserve its best biological value, no snacking in-between meals (usually 5 hours), adequate hydration, at least one apple a day and some physical activity to promote the fat loss. By reducing refined carbohydrates, along with other interventions, the weight becomes normalised. 

Dr Batty will provide coaching, education and guidance throughout the Metabolic Balance® journey, to help achieve your weight-related goals.  




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